DentalCAD Upgrade Contract (1 year, recurring with opt-out)

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Delivery time
Delivery takes place between 2 to 3 working days


The annual upgrade price for the Core Version is $890.

Additionally, extra costs for existing modules will be automatically added in the cart. See price overview below.

Customers without a currently active upgrade contract for their Perpetual License have an opportunity to refresh to the latest software version for a one-time refresh fee plus their annual upgrade contract amount.


With a new upgrade contract you get access to DentalCAD versions, which will be released in the following 12 months (from date of purchase). The upgrade contract also allows you to activate additional modules on your dongle (to be purchased separately), use dentalshare free of charge, exchange defective dongles free of charge (if the serial number is known), download current libraries, use our installation service free of charge (if the upgrade contract was purchased via this webshop) and much more. We are continuously expanding our service offering for our users.


The upgrade contract for your exocad DentalCAD license is available as a complete package of the core version / bundle and the already activated additional modules. It is not possible to exclude individual modules from an upgrade. The total price for a 1-year upgrade contract is calculated from the upgrade price for the core version / bundle plus the already activated additional modules.


Add this item to your shopping cart for $890 and assign the serial number of the dongle for which you want to purchase the upgrade. The appropriate upgrade package for your license will be displayed in the shopping cart.


Additional note

Please be aware that by making this purchase, you agree to schedule your introductory training within 30 days, and to take your introductory training within 1 year after receiving the scheduling link we will send to you by e-mail. If you do not meet both conditions, you will lose the right to receive this training and any refunds related to this training.

Individual Module Upgrade Prices:


DentalCAD Refresh-Fee $1.875
DentalCAD annual fee (Core-Version)  $890
Implant Module  $244
Virtual Articulator $102
Jaw Motion Import $102
Bar Module $244
Model Creator $244
Smile Creator $204
Provisional Module $102
DICOM Viewer $102
Bite Spint Module $240
TruSmile $102
Full Denture Module $475
PartialCAD Module $475
Tooth Library ZRS Wiedmann included
InCAD Nesting $102
Nesting (include InCAD Nesting) $144


This is a one time payment that covers the cost of the Upgrade-Contract for the first year.

The exact terms of the upgrade contract can be found in the General Terms and Conditions (4. Upgrades and Modules) .


More information

Included product support 1 month after installation, within one year after activation
Included product introduction 120 minutes
Delivery time Delivery takes place between 2 to 3 working days

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