DentalCAD Ultimate Lab Bundle Training

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Receive basic training on features and handling of DentalCAD Core Version, Virtual Articulator, Provisional Module, Implant Module, Bar Module, DICOM Viewer, Model Creator, Smile Creator, FullDenture Module, PartialCAD Module, Bite Splint Module, and Jaw Motion Import:


DentalCAD core introductory training

  • Intro to DentalDB: an explanation of basic features and indications, how to create a new job, material and parameter settings, and material configuration.
  • How to set up and manage a simple dentalshare account and exchange projects with partners.
  • Intro to DentalCAD: an explanation of basic and advanced features, the user interface including hotkeys, and wizard vs. expert mode.
  • Intro to supplementary applications: ExoViewer 3D, webview, exoprint, and the Library Manager.
  • Intro to the new features of exocad’s latest DentalCAD software release.
  • Application in practice: designing an anatomic crown, a three-element bridge, a telescopic crown, and an inlay.

  • Basic Virtual Articulator

  • Introduction to the basic features
  • Includes all types of articulators and parameters
  • Application in practice: Use a dynamic occlusal adaptation on a three-element bridge
  • Rearticulate models, choose which teeth influence movements, process a simulation, use the articulation during the design process, and discern the difference between static and dynamic occlusal adaptation

  • Provisional Module

  • Introduction to the basic features and general handling
  • Application in practice: Design a provisional crown, a provisional bridge and a provisional bridge with a missing tooth using the eggshell technique

  • Implant Module

  • Introduction to the basic features and general handling
  • Application in practice: Design a custom abutment with superstructure in a single design session, design a screw-retained bridge with angulated screw channel (anterior tooth)
  • Switch Implant Connection on designed abutments

  • Bar Module

  • General handling including hotkeys
  • Explanation of the bar profile dialog
  • Application in practice: Design a bar with attachments

  • DICOM Viewer

  • General handling and loading of example data for visualization during the design
  • Clip the data, adjust visualization effects
  • Generate an STL from DICOM data

  • Model Creator

  • Introduction to the basic features and general handling
  • Application in practice: Use different building plates for segmented models, plateless models, waxup models or models with provisionals
  • Style dies and gingiva as removable, or design a complete model with a second set of singular dies
  • Design models for implant cases using lab analogs

  • Smile Creator

  • General handling and import of 2D photos
  • Use photorealistic rendering, helper lines and 2d/3d real-time tooth placement during the design process for the aesthetic planning of a "Smile Makeover"
  • Application in practice: Design six anterior crowns and an anterior mockup in combination with Smile Creator

  • FullDenture Module

  • General handling, basic and advanced model analysis and explanation of the design process
  • Application in practice: Design a full denture prosthetic, and design a single-arch denture

  • PartialCAD Module

  • Introduction to the basic features and general handling
  • Application in practice: Design different frameworks on the upper or lower jaw in combination with DentalCAD, and design an overdenture on partials

  • Bite Splint Module

  • General handling, explanation of parameters
  • Application in practice: Design a simple bite splint and a “Table Top” bite splint including anatomic teeth

  • Jaw Motion Import

  • General handling and import of jaw movement registration data and digital facebow transfer data from external devices such as the JMA system from Zebris

    • Participation is limited to the clinic or laboratory employees who booked the training.

    Duration: 12 hours

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    Delivery time 2-3 Tage