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xSNAP is a 3D joint system with a ball head that (unlike the familiar clip-fold articulators) enables precisely executed protrusion, laterotrusion and mediotrusion in addition to the simple opening and closing movement.

xSNAP is compatible with partial and full models and supports five condylar path inclinations: 45°, 35° (mean adjustment), 25°, 15° and 10°. In addition, two incisal plates with flat and guided plate are included. These can also be positioned intraorally as desired.

xSNAP can be easily selected during model construction and attached to the models of the upper and lower jaw. Subsequently, the models are printed with the corresponding joint components. There are no limits to the user's choice of model resin and 3D printer; the additional material consumption is extremely low. Immediately after post-processing, the ball head on the upper jaw model is simply clicked into the guide element on the lower jaw model via a groove and nothing more stands in the way of dynamic occlusion control.

The revolutionary xSNAP joint system saves users a lot of work and ensures the highest precision when finishing dentures, occlusal splints & Co.

The purchase price includes free updates for one year. From the second year onwards, an annual upgrade fee of 80.00 € (excl. tax) is due. The regular updates add new features and improve existing functionalities.

An active DentalCAD upgrade contract is required for the purchase of the xSNAP module in any case.

For more information on the xSNAP system, please visit https://www.x-snap.net/.
Important note: The minimum requirement for the xSNAP module is DentalCAD 3.1 Rijeka.

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