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Virtual Articulator (30 minutes)

  • Advanced usage of the Virtual Articulator in cases that have restorations on both the upper and lower jaw
  • Design of a canine guidance by using the "Choose which teeth influence articulator movement" feature in the Virtual Articulator

    Implant Module (1 hour)

  • Use the implant manual positioning option and the Immediate Load feature
  • Advanced implant bridge restoration designs such as Prettau or Toronto, Thimble Crowns, and Wrap Around by using cutback libraries, virtual gingiva and virtual waxup features

    Bar Module (1 hour)

  • Advanced bar design with different types of shapes such as Dolder, Hader, and Wrap-Around
  • Design on scanned substructures
  • Difference between “Offset Substructure” and “Coping on Substructure Scan”

    PartialCAD Module (1 hour)

  • Expert tools
  • Design a framework on the upper or lower jaw with a lingual backing, attachments with a milled lingual, telescopic crowns or other imported parts
  • Design a flexible partial

    Bite Splint Module (1 hour)

  • Explanation of all parameters, adjustment and control of guidance in combination with Virtual Articulator add-on module
  • Usage of the “Convert bite splint to waxup” feature

  • Participation is limited to the clinic or laboratory employees who booked the training.

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