exoplan Bundle Training (exoplan & Guide Creator)

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exoplan bundle training (combines exoplan core introductory training and Guide Creator introductory training) 

Receive basic training on features and handling of exoplan and the Guide Creator module.

exoplan core introductory training 

  • Intro to ImplantPlanningDB: an explanation of basic features and indications, how to create a new case, material and parameter settings, and material configuration.
  • Intro to implant planning: an explanation of basic and advanced features, the user interface including hotkeys, and wizard vs. expert mode.
  • Intro to supplementary applications: rapid pre-planning, exoViewer 3D, DICOM Viewer, Library Manager and dentalshare.
  • Intro to the new features of exocad’s latest exoplan software release.
  • Application in practice: Plan a single implant case with CT-to-mesh-alignment and a dual-scan protocol case with CT-to-CT-alignment.
  • Immediate Load: Integrate exoplan with DentalCAD or ChairsideCAD, transfer an implant planning case to directly begin prosthetic design.

  • Guide Creator introductory training 

  • General handling and explanation of parameters. 
  • Application in practice: design a basic surgical guide and a surgical guide based on an extracted mesh of prosthesis CT data together with a fixation guide.

    Participation is limited to the clinic or laboratory employees who booked the training.

    Duration: 3 hours.

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    Delivery time 2-3 Tage