ChairsideCAD Single Visit Bundle Training

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Full core introductory training

Learn exocad software basics from A to Z. The training includes:

  • Intro to ChairsideDB: an explanation of basic features and indications, how to create a new job, material and parameter settings, and material configuration.
  • How to set up and manage a simple dentalshare account and exchange projects with partners.
  • Intro to ChairsideCAD: an explanation of basic and advanced features, the user interface including hotkeys, and wizard vs. expert mode.
  • Intro to supplementary applications: ExoViewer 3D, webview, exoprint, and the Library Manager.
  • Intro to the new features of exocad’s latest DentalCAD software release.
  • Application in practice: designing an anatomic crown, a three-element bridge, an inlay, and a veneer.

  • Auto Articulator

  • Introduction to the basic features.
  • Includes all types of articulators and parameters.
  • Application in practice: Use a dynamic occlusal adaptation on a three-element bridge.
  • Rearticulate models, choose which teeth influence movements, process a simulation, use the articulation during the design process, and discern the difference between static and dynamic occlusal adaptation.

  • Participation is limited to the clinic or laboratory employees who booked the training.

    Duration: 2.5 hours.

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